5 top knee and ankle pain causes

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Knee pain and ankle pain are two symptoms that can be a real hindrance in your daily life. If you are experiencing both at the same time, managing your pain may be especially difficult. Fortunately, effective treatment is within reach. Choosing physical therapy can be a great solution for receiving holistic treatment that gets to the core of your pain. Each case of knee and ankle pain can have different underlying causes. To find lasting pain relief, it is important to receive treatment tailored to the specific causes of your pain. Learning more about common leg pain causes can equip you with vital information as you explore treatment options.

5 common causes of knee and ankle pain

  • Overuse — One common cause of knee and ankle pain is overuse. If you spend a lot of time repeating the same strenuous leg motions, painful symptoms can gradually develop. Running, jumping or standing for extended periods can lead to overuse injuries, including tendinitis. People who spend hours on their feet at work each day can be vulnerable for this reason. The good news is that overuse pain is typically preventable. To address muscle strain from overuse before it happens, make sure you get enough rest. Incorporating rest days into your exercise routine can be a great way to stay safe while staying fit. Warming up with stretches before physical activities can also help prevent overuse strain. If you are already experiencing pain from overuse, physical therapy can help alleviate your discomfort.
  • Arthritis — Arthritis is a potentially debilitating condition that can cause localized joint pain and swelling. If you are experiencing knee and ankle pain caused by arthritis, you are not alone. One survey shows that nearly a quarter of U.S. adults have diagnosed arthritis. While there is no cure for arthritis, the symptoms can be managed to enable you to live comfortably. Physical therapy treatments that focus on reducing swelling and inflammation can be especially effective against arthritis. Maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in low-impact exercises can also help with managing arthritis symptoms.
  • Poor posture — Understanding the importance of posture and its potential impact on your health can be essential. Your posture can have a ripple effect throughout the body. When you have poor posture, you may be putting excess stress on certain joints. The ankle and knee are two regions that often bear the impact of poor posture. The good news is that it goes both ways. If you maintain good posture, you can help prevent pain in the future. Physical therapy can also help by realigning your body and reducing strain.
  • Ligament injuries — Suddenly started experiencing knee and ankle pain after a high-impact injury? You might have damaged a ligament. Knee and ankle ligament injuries include ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears and ankle sprains. This kind of injury is often the result of a sudden twist or fall. This makes them relatively common during sports activities. When you injure a ligament, making a complete recovery should be the top priority. Physical therapy can help manage your pain and promote healing to help ensure a swift and full recovery. While recovering, it is important to rest up and stay away from activities that could cause re-injury. This can help you return to full participation as soon as possible.
  • Inflammatory conditions — Inflammatory conditions like tendinitis and bursitis often lead to persistent knee and ankle pain. You may also feel restricted in your leg movements due to swelling. These conditions tend to be caused by overuse or repetitive movements. This means you can work to prevent them by maintaining a balanced routine and proper posture. When you have a condition like bursitis or tendinitis, a physical therapist can help. Using top pain care techniques, your physical therapist can address your symptoms in the short term and help prevent recurrence in the long term.

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