Arthritis Pain

When you’re feeling joint pain, there are many movements that can become difficult. For instance, joint pain in your knee can make it hard to climb stairs. If the pain is stemming from your wrist, turning a door knob can feel like a chore. If you’re experiencing aches in your joints, there’s a chance that it’s the result of arthritis.

Arthritis refers to more than 100 conditions that can cause joint inflammation or degeneration. It’s a common pain, affecting more than 58 million adults in the U.S. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of work disability in the country. That means if you’re experiencing arthritis pain, you’re not alone. The good news is that Forever Fit is here to help alleviate the pain and boost your overall quality of life.

The Basics of Arthritis Pain

Arthritis can cause your joints (where two bones connect) to feel stiff and painful due to inflammation or degeneration. It can impact the joint itself as well as the surrounding tissue, such as the bones and muscles. The pain can impact your mobility and reduce the joint’s range of motion.

The human body has more than 300 joints; arthritis pain is often felt in the:










Feet and ankles.

Arthritis pain can flare up at any time, but most people experience the ache in their joints after a long day or following extensive physical activity.

Types of Arthritis Pain

There are dozens of arthritis conditions. While each one will cause pain, they will affect the joint in different ways depending on where it’s located in the body and the potential cause behind it.

Here are three of the most common types of arthritis:

The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. It causes the joint cartilage in between bones to break down. Along with arthritis pain, it can cause swelling and a grating sensation.
Rheumatoid arthritis
When your immune system attacks its own tissue instead of infections or diseases, you can develop an inflammatory disorder called rheumatoid arthritis. It can cause the joint lining to become swollen, resulting in pain and stiffness.
Another type of inflammatory arthritis is gout, which can cause sudden joint pain, and usually affects joints in the big toe, ankle or knee. It results from uric acid building up in the body, the waste product from purine-rich food.

Forever Fit Can Help Alleviate Your Arthritis Pain

No matter what kind of condition it comes from, arthritis pain can make it difficult for you to carry out your daily activities. With physical therapy at Forever Fit, we can help you manage your arthritis pain as well as increase your joints’ range of motion. We’ll also help you strengthen the surrounding tissue to provide support to the joint and reduce the risk of possible injury.

Here are some possible treatment options for arthritis pain:

  • Targeted exercises.
  • Adjustments to postural and joint alignment.
  • Lifestyle change and ergonomic recommendations.
  • Pool therapy.
  • Electrical stimulation.

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