Total Motion Release Program

When you feel pain and stiffness in a specific area of your body, your instinct is to treat that area. In nearly every type of physical therapy technique, the therapist will focus on the source of your symptoms with treatments like manual therapy and targeted exercises. But there’s a therapy that does the opposite.

Total Motion Release® helps treat the pain and lack of mobility in one body part by focusing on the non-affected areas to help with realignment. For instance, if the pain is in your left shoulder, the physical therapist will focus on your right shoulder. Read on to learn about this concept and what it involves.

What Is the Total Motion Release Program?

Total Motion Release technique, or TMR®, is a relatively new holistic therapy that was created in the early 2000s by a physical therapist named Tom Dalonzo-Baker. It focuses on realignment and natural healing to help treat pain and a reduced range of motion that can affect one’s quality of life. It’s based on the belief that your body feels pain and stiffness when your body is out of balance.

Total Motion Release helps alleviate pain and accelerate the healing process by balancing out the body because it works as one cohesive system. Physical therapists use TMR to treat the “good side” in order to decrease the symptoms that are affecting the “bad side.”

TMR can help treat a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Pain.
  • Reduced range of motion.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Stiffness.

This holistic approach can benefit individuals with musculoskeletal issues, including:


  • Degenerative discs.
  • Back and neck pain.
  • Tendinitis.
  • Arthritis.
  • Ligament sprains.
  • Muscle strains.

What Techniques Are Used in the Total Motion Release Program?

TMR is a therapy that encourages patients to learn how to treat the pain in their body with exercises that target the unaffected areas.

Many physical therapy exercises focus on the affected area by moving it in a way that may cause pain because it’s pushing the restricted movement, such as stretching the tight muscles. The exercises that are utilized in the Total Motion Release program help you move your extremities in the direction that doesn’t cause pain to accelerate the healing process.

The exercises used in Total Motion Release have provided pain relief for many patients. Once they learn about the movements, they can perform them on their own when the pain recurs. The TMR exercises can also help improve the overall quality of your body’s function to reduce the risk of injury and improve your range of motion.

Forever Fit Can Help You Realign Your Body With the Total Motion Release Program

When your body isn’t balanced, you can feel pain and a reduced range of motion that can make it difficult for you to carry out your daily activities. With the Total Motion Release technique, Forever Fit can help you realign your body by helping every part work together to encourage the healing process.

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