Knee Pain

Are you experiencing significant or persistent knee pain? You’d be 1 out of every 4 adults in the U.S. who deal with chronic knee pain. If this is the case, you likely want to learn more about the causes, symptoms, and how it can be best treated. Keep reading through the sections below to learn more about these subjects from our team of experts.

What Are Some of the Potential Causes of Knee Pain?

Understanding the potential causes of knee pain can help determine what may be behind your pain. A wide variety of conditions might contribute to your knee pain, including short-term and long-term causes.

The effects of aging over time and frequent use are the most common causes of knee pain. These occur naturally over time, as the knees are used for various activities each day over many years. Stress on the knees is more commonly associated with older adults, those who have sustained knee injuries, and those who frequently overuse their knees. Treatment for knee pain is essential because chronic pain may be more likely to develop if left untreated.

Aging and wear and tear aren’t the only causes of knee pain. Several other possible reasons for this type of pain include the following:

Sprained ligaments.


Cartilage tears.





Our team of licensed physical therapists can help you determine the specific cause of your knee pain. Although, it’s worth noting that if you experience any of the following, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek immediate medical help:

Significant, intense pain that doesn’t improve within a few days.


An injury that suddenly occurred during a traumatic accident.

Are the Other Symptoms I’m Experiencing Connected to My Knee Pain?

Pain isn’t the only symptom of knee problems that you’re likely to experience. Knee conditions often involve the following symptoms:

Difficulty placing weight on one or both knees.

Noticing the knee is abnormally shaped.

Experiencing knee buckling or locking.

Stiffness or tightness in the knee.

Trouble walking.

Trouble extending the knee fully.

How Can I Treat My Knee Pain?

In most cases, your knee pain and knee-related symptoms will ease up after enough rest and anti-inflammatory medications. If you notice that your knee pain and other symptoms haven’t improved within a few days, we highly recommend that you seek the expert help of a physical therapist.

Our team of physical therapists at Forever Fit are committed to providing uniquely designed treatment plans to each patient so that they can experience relief from their symptoms. Some of the most common techniques that are used during PT to help patients include:

Don’t let your knee pain get in the way of your daily activities any longer. At Forever Fit, we’re prepared to help you get back to the life you love and have control of pain.