Does Physical Therapy Work?

Why Choose Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are autonomous practitioners with a Doctorate and/or Master’s education in musculoskeletal and neurogenic pain, biomechanics, and optimal movement patterns. There are many medical professionals and options to address painful symptoms, and there are many reasons why physical therapy should be your first choice.

Cost Effective

When you get physical therapy first, you may avoid expensive imaging, medications, and even surgeries that may be unnecessary to resolve your symptoms. You can feel better quicker, which means fewer visits to your doctor. Studies have demonstrated that patients who start physical therapy in the acute or subacute (newly injured) phase of injury can save thousands of dollars compared to those who wait until pain has become chronic. The cost of physical therapy is covered under many health insurance plans. Physical therapists help you get back to an active lifestyle, which has long term implications for reducing the cost of health care.


Physical therapists do not prescribe or rely on opiod medication to provide pain relief. Physical therapists integrate manual technique, therapeutic exercise, education, motor control training, and modalities like heat, ice, and electric muscle stimulation to achieve pain relief. In physical therapy, your own body’s healing processes get you back to living pain-free.


Surgical procedures, no matter how common, always carry a degree of risk; similarly, opiod medication carries harsh side effects. Both options are heavily relied on for treating pain in the United States. Of all the choices, physical therapy is the safest as it comes without no side effects, risk of infection, or risk of physiological addiction.


Physical therapy can fix habitual movements before they lead to chronic pain or injury, help you avoid injury recurrence, and improve surgical outcomes if surgical intervention becomes inevitable. PTs at Forever Fit will treat the root cause of your symptoms instead of just providing brief relief from pain. Physical therapy is an evidence-based discipline that fosters active participation in your own health and wellness outcomes.

For Everyone

Physical therapy is not just for athletes, for after an injury, or for after a surgery. Physical therapy can help eradicate or alleviate all types of musculoskeletal aches and pains. Physical therapists can help slow the progression of degenerative or neurological disease that affects your strength and mobility, thus improving quality of life. PTs can help with walking balance, preventing fall injury in aging populations and extending independent living.