Sports Performance

Every sport requires you to push your body to the limit to reach victory. Your athletic performance is determined by different aspects of your physical fitness, such as strength, flexibility and agility. Athletes often depend on their coaches and trainers to improve their performance. Many don’t know how a physical therapist can improve their game as well.

At Forever Fit, our sports performance programs help athletes in every facet. They can help with everything, from boosting skills to recovering from an injury. We can help you reach your peak athletic performance so that you can dominate in your chosen sport.

What Is Sports Performance?

Sports performance refers to performance training and injury recovery for athletes. It can benefit athletes of all levels, from recreational to professional. Sports performance training helps to boost every aspect of your athletic performance. It can also help you recover from a sports injury with rehab.

Sports performance training usually centers on targeted exercises. Manual therapy and modalities may also be a part of your treatment plan if you have sustained an injury.

Sports performance physical therapy offers a variety of benefits, including:


Learning proper technique

There are sport-specific actions that athletes repeatedly perform while playing, from swinging a golf club to shooting a basket. But it’s important that you complete these movements in the safest and most effective manner. A physical therapist can help you learn proper technique and positioning during sport-specific skills to reduce the risk of injury.


Increasing strength and flexibility

Being strong and flexible are two of the most important factors of your athletic performance. They each decrease the risk of injury while helping contribute to other areas. Strengthening your joints, muscles and ligaments can also boost your speed and power. Increasing your flexibility can improve your balance and mobility for a greater range of motion.

Injury rehabilitation

Every athlete is at risk for an injury, and it’s essential to go through the proper recovery and rehabilitation process after sustaining one. A physical therapist will help you every step of the way, from decreasing pain to restoring the affected area’s function and strength. It’s important to wait until you get the green light to return to sport from your physical therapist to ensure that you won’t cause more damage to your body.

Forever Fit Helps Athletes Train and Recover From Injuries With Sports Performance

Treatments like sports performance training shows how physical therapy can help everyone reach their fullest potential. You don’t have to wait until you sustain an injury to seek the help of a physical therapist. In fact, if you live an active lifestyle or regularly participate in sports, physical therapy is a great way to prevent an injury before it happens while still helping to boost your overall athletic performance.

At Forever Fit, we are familiar with the requirements and common injuries of nearly every sport you can think of. We help all athletes, from baseball and football to cheerleading and cricket. No matter what you play, our sports performance training can help.

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