Why do I feel neck pain while driving?

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Neck pain while driving can make driving an unpleasant experience, even traveling somewhere just a few miles away. If you’ve recently become concerned by neck pain while driving, read here for a few ideas as to why you might be experiencing this type of uncomfortable sensation. Take a look at the list provided below for some further explanations.

What are some potential causes of neck pain while driving?

  • Poor posture — Your neck pain while driving could be a result of poor posture. If you sit in the seat of your car slouched over or with your head and neck extended forward, your pain could potentially be corrected with the proper posture.
  • Confinement with minimal movement — One of the things that could be causing this discomfort is being stuck in a car for an extensive period of time, like on a long road trip. If you’ve been sitting in a car for several hours, your muscles and spine may be straining to provide your neck with the proper support while you remain in a stationary position.
  • Tension — Experiencing a pain in the neck while you’re driving (other than that one passenger that comes to mind)? It could be a result of a buildup of tension in your neck and shoulders from stress or anxiety. It may do you some good to try to manage your tension to prevent it from manifesting physically in your body.

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