Why am I feeling knee pain months after an ankle sprain?

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Knee pain can put a damper on your day-to-day activities. It can be caused by a variety of conditions like arthritis or injuries like torn cartilage. Sometimes knee pain can even be caused by injuries you wouldn’t expect to cause any pain in your knee, like an ankle sprain. Although it may sound strange, it’s very possible.

To learn why you could experience pain in your knee after an ankle sprain that occurred several months ago, keep reading below.

What could possibly cause knee pain months after an ankle sprain or injury?

  • Joint damage — When the tendons or muscles in the ankle become injured or torn, they can place extra stress on the joints they’re connected to. This might be one reason why you’re experiencing knee pain several months after an ankle sprain or injury. Limited mobility in your ankle will increase the stress on your knee with activities such as squatting and descending stairs.
  • A tendon injury — You have tendons that run from your feet to your knee, and when the tendon becomes injured nearer to the ankle, it can alter your knee functionality and even cause pain.
  • A bone injury — Another possible cause of knee pain that occurs months after an ankle injury is a bone injury. The bone that runs from your foot to your knee is called the fibula. This bone, along with the tibia, supports the knee. However, when you injure part of the bone on your fibula, you may experience knee pain as a result.

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