Tips For Managing Arthritis During The Winter Months…

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Tips for Managing Arthritis During the Winter Months…

In case you were wondering, Yes!!! It’s true! Cold weather does have an adverse effect on arthritis. Many studies have shown that the symptoms of arthritis do increase as the temperatures drop. In the winter, you may find more achiness, stiffness and general pain in joints. But fortunately, there are things that you can do to help ease the pain that the cold brings.

Get Moving! 

The less you move, the more stiffness sets into your joints, which can lead to more pain. Although it may seem difficult at first, moving helps your joints to produce a solution that lubricates the joint. This solution helps to improve your mobility because it decreases stiffness. Stick with low impact exercises such as a stationary bike or an outdoor walk. You can also consider water aerobics or aerobics classes specifically designed for those with arthritis.

Get Rest! 

A good night’s rest gives your body the strength it needs to help you get through the day. There are studies that show the benefits for sleep in reducing arthritic pain.

Keep your joints warm! 

Dressing warm can help to keep your joints warm. Maintaining warmth at your joints will help to decrease the stiffness and pain that the cold can cause. Wearing gloves and appropriate clothing when going outside will help. Additionally, hot/warm showers, swimming in a heated pool or use of heating pads can help to keep the warm in as well.

Consult with a Physical Therapist! 

A physical therapist can work with you to decrease your pain, and improve your function when suffering from arthritis. They can give you the tools that you need to manage your arthritis on your own. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and get started on a path to help you take control of your arthritis.

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