Post Pregnancy – Return to Running Checklist

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So you’ve had your baby and the doctor has cleared you to return to running. Do you think you’re ready to get back to running? Did you ever think about being “ready” to run before? If you’re not sure where to start, here is a checklist to see if your body is ready to get back into running:

  • 12+ weeks after delivery:  Wait at least 12 weeks after delivery to ensure your body has enough time for healing. Make sure you receive clearance from your doctor!
  • 30 calf raises on each leg:  Perform 30 single leg heel raises. How do you feel? Running is many, many calf raises repeated over and over. By being able to do this you are less likely to develop shin splints and other lower leg injuries
  • 2-3 sets of 15 Single leg squats: Running is a sequence of mini single leg squats.To ensure good hip strength and protection of low back and hips when running.
  • 30x standing hip abduction : Making sure the sides of your hips are able to stay level without dropping to protect your back when getting back into things.
  • Core Control: During pregnancy your abdominals are pushed to their max and are usually weak after 9 months of supporting baby. It is possible that you even developed a diastasis recti abdominis or abdominal separation during pregnancy. Your core is your foundation and important to stabilize you when running. Not sure? Check out our last blog for exercises to help you get started with core strengthening.

If you cannot do the above, it is okay. Consider consulting with a physical therapist who can help to design a program to get you back on track. A physical therapist can diagnose your areas of weakness and provide you with exercises that are designed specifically for your needs.

Important Note- If you have or develop: back pain, pelvic pain, bowel/bladder leakage, a feeling of bulging/ pressure, or notice your core bulging STOP and consult a Pelvic floor PT before resuming any running program. 

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