Online Physical Therapy: What is it?

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The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has healthcare providers across the country re-evaluating the best way to care for their patients. In recent press conferences, the US Government has urged both patients and providers to consider the use of telehealth platforms for all appropriate medical services, and we at Forever Fit are committed to providing the safest access to physical therapy we can.


Despite the continuation of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, we are still seeing clients in person in all 5 of our locations and want to assure all members of the Forever Fit family that we are taking every precaution to keep staff and clients safe. That said, if anyone should decide they are not comfortable coming to the clinic we are continuting to offer telehealth services!


Here are a few Q&A topics outlining how telehealth online physical therapy will work!


Q: Who is appropriate for online PT?

A: Anyone with musculoskeletal pain – online PT can be used either adjunct to in clinic PT or as a substitute.

**Clients who are being treated for balance deficits and/or those who have a high fall risk or a complicated medical history are not appropriate for telehealth services and we’re happy to help figure out if any of those limitations apply to you.


Q: What type of technology/equipment do I need?

A: A computer with camera and microphone capabilities OR your smartphone! Either option works with our secure video platform!


Q: Does my insurance cover online PT?

A: Yes – most major insurance companies cover online/telehealth services. We are committed to finding the best answers to any insurance related questions and have a team of experienced patient benefit consultants working to confirm the specifics of coverage. In most cases, online PT is treated the same as an in office visit and the patient would be responsible for the same payment they would be as if they had come in to see us in person. IF any insurance plans do not cover telehealth services we are offering an affordable cash pay rate we would be happy to discuss!


Q: What to expect during an online PT visit?

A: While there are certain things we can’t do during an online visit (ex. hands-on manual therapy), there are still lots of things we can do! We can provide comprehensive patient education regarding postural alignment, sitting/standing ergonomics consultations, education regarding activity modification as well as facilitate educated conversations about the neuroscience of pain. Additionally, all of the services provided via telehealth are one-on-one with your physical therapist and they can help review form and advise progression of exercises in real time.


Q: How do I access the online PT platform and how long is each appointment?

A: Prior to your scheduled appointment, your PT will send you a link via email to download and register your device with our secure video account. From beginning to end, and allowing for some time to troubleshoot access as needed, each appointment will be approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the needs of each individual client at hand.


So far the clients who have participated in this new and exciting service have truly enjoyed the opportunity to maintain continuity of their ongoing physical therapy services also while ensuring the utmost safety for both themselves and their families.

Here is what some of our clients have said about online therapy:

“As a Cyber Security expert I am leery of social media and video sessions but Forever Fit provides a secure video session through Zoom…In this intimate session with the therapist, guides me through my exercises – while doing them with me ensuring that I am doing them correctly. You have their time and attention for the 30 minute sessions along with next steps, exercises to complete between sessions and pretty much everything else you get in person in the comfort of your own home.”  -T.D.

“I’ve been doing sessions through telehealth, and am amazed at how easy it is to understand the exercises and follow through on doing them every day.” -E.T.

“This is easily the best physical therapist in DC, which has transitioned seamlessly to offering the most wonderful virtual PT.” -S.G.


We’re grateful to be able to support everyone in our Forever Fit family during this challenging time so please don’t hesitate to call any of our 5 locations to book an appointment today!v

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