7 benefits of finding pelvic floor therapy near you

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Are you experiencing health issues affecting your pelvic floor? Physical therapy can be a great way to treat your pelvic floor dysfunction. While this can be a difficult issue to deal with, physical therapy can help. PT works to manage your symptoms and restore functionality in your pelvic floor. Traditional PT techniques are not the only thing a good clinic can provide. Pelvic floor therapy providers near you can also offer specialized strategies to improve your health. Learning more about the benefits of finding pelvic floor therapy near you may help illustrate the positive difference it can have on your life.

7 benefits of pelvic floor therapy near you

  • Improved pelvic muscle function — The pelvic floor is a collection of complex muscles. When functioning properly, these muscles work together to maintain consistent pelvic health. However, conditions that cause pelvic floor dysfunction can weaken these muscles. You may experience hip and pelvic pain due to muscle weakness in the region. With physical therapy, you can work with a professional to restore strength in these muscles. Strengthened pelvic muscles can help address pelvic issues at the source. The benefits of improved pelvic muscle function are plentiful. They can include improved bladder and bowel control and an overall reduction in pain.
  • Incontinence relief — Persistent incontinence can be a bothersome and frustrating symptom. There are a few common kinds of incontinence. These include stress urinary incontinence and urge incontinence. Fortunately, these conditions have been thoroughly researched and effective treatments are available. With pelvic floor therapy, you can work to reduce instances of incontinence and improve bladder control. This can help reduce mental stress and enable you to better enjoy daily activities.
  • Prenatal health — Pregnancy and childbirth tend to cause major changes throughout the body’s many systems. In addition to other changes, pregnancy often takes a heavy toll on the pelvic floor muscles. If you are struggling to manage your pelvic health during pregnancy, physical therapy can help. Your physical therapist can guide you through strengthening exercises for your pelvic muscles. They can also administer other treatments designed to manage your pain and maintain your health. This can help reduce the risk of complications when giving birth. The benefits of physical therapy do not end with the pregnancy, though. You can receive PT treatments that boost your postpartum recovery time. This can be a great way to alleviate pain and restore your muscle functionality after pregnancy.
  • Chronic pain alleviation — Chronic pelvic pain can get in the way while you are trying to enjoy life. If you are experiencing persistent pain and discomfort in your pelvis, seeking treatment is important. Specialized pelvic floor therapy can offer a range of treatment methods designed to help you feel relief. Your physical therapist can also educate you on pain management strategies to incorporate every day. This can enable you to continue reducing your pain between formal sessions.
  • Surgical rehabilitation — Have you recently had a pelvic or abdominal surgery? The recovery process after a surgery in this region can sometimes be long and challenging. The good news is that your physical therapist can guide you each step of the way. Targeted pelvic floor therapy techniques are meant to help you regain strength and function in your pelvic muscles. This can result in faster recovery time, reduced complications and significant pain relief.
  • Tailored treatment — Pelvic health is different for each individual. Due to the complexity of the pelvic region, one-size-fits-all treatments are not typically effective. This makes receiving customized treatment vital for success. Physical therapy’s holistic approach can help to ensure that each patient receives tailored treatment. This means care that caters to your personal needs and health goals. After a one-on-one discussion and a thorough assessment of your condition, your physical therapist can design a treatment plan that works for you.
  • Empowering education — Understanding your health is important. When it comes to addressing pelvic floor health, physical therapy should work to improve your well-being in the long term. One way PT can achieve this goal is through patient education. Learning how to maintain at-home treatments between sessions can empower you to stay in control of your health. A greater awareness of the body often comes with reduced anxiety about health issues; therefore, PT education can yield major benefits for your physical and mental health.

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